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“I must tell you I just love your Pine Tar Soap. I’ve been using it for bath and shampoo for about two years now and I just won’t have anything else. I used a castille soap for over a decade, but I’ve found that your product doesn’t dry my skin or my hair to the same degree. And I love the old-time smell. Most commercial soaps are too perfumed – just plain stinky if you ask me. ” —Albany, NY

“I have just tried Grandpa’s Wonder Pine Tar Soap. I am pleased at the results that I get when I use it in the bathtub. When I get through, after washing, I have noticed in the water the soap is taking off all the dry skin – leaving my skin soft. Some of my body was itching and your soap takes care of that also. ” —Bartlett, IL

“Your Pine Tar Soap is by far the very best I have ever used. I don’t think I ever want to use anything else on my hair again and I use it in the shower and at the sink as well. I leaves no “soap scum” in my tub and I have never felt cleaner. ” —Frisco, CO

“Last Fall my Brittany Spaniel hunting dog had an encounter with a skunk. After considering all the remedies – tomato juice, etc., I thought what about Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap. So, we sudsed him down real good with warm water and Grandpa. Then rinsed him off. When he was dry the smell was absolutely gone. My wife can smell skunk a mile away. She came home from work and walked within 3 feet of him and never said a word. It was awesome! Thank you.A 2nd generation user. “ –Worthington, MN

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“I’ve never felt more refreshed.”
–Newton Hamilton, Pennsylvania

“Your Pine Tar Soap is a wonderful product. The combination of its generous lathering, old time smell and cleaning ability seems to be lost in today’s “modern” soaps.”
–Princeton, MN

“I just love the smell of your soap and the way it lathers so nice and white. I always enjoy using it!”
–San Diego, CA

“I’ve never felt more refreshed after a shower and my hair just shines! Your Pine Tar Soap is just great.”
—Newton Hamilton, PA

jack-passion“There simply is no better way to cleanse your beard.”
–Jack Passion
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Badges of Honor

Rainforest Alliance Certified

The sodium palmate in our bar soaps is made with palm oil from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. Please see individual products for certifications.

National Celiac Association

Many of our products are certified gluten-free by the National Celiac Association. Please see individual products for certifications.

Forest Service Council

The packaging of our bar soaps is FSC® certified, ensuring it meets the highest standard of responsible forestry. Please see individual products for certifications.

Leaping Bunny Certified

The Grandpa Soap Company is Leaping Bunny certified. This program provides the best assurance that no animal testing or animal cruelty is used in any phase of manufacturing.

We Love Our Planet

The Grandpa Soap Company makes a conscious effort in our everyday work to recycle, re-use and reduce waste. All of our packaging is recyclable and we encourage you to do your part to be green.

Family-Owned and Operated

The Grandpa Soap Company has been family owned and operated since 1936. Our family and its employees stand behind the quality of our products and believe in our traditions. We find joy in sharing the love of great soaps with you and yours.

Made in the USA

The Grandpa Soap Company prides itself on supporting local initiatives and keeping our time-honored soap-making tradition here in the USA. You can be assured that all our products are manufactured in the USA.

Mustache & Beard Approved

Jack Passion, two-time World Beard Champion and author of The Facial Hair Handbook says, “There simply is no better way to cleanse your beard. Grandpa\’s Pine Tar is amazing on the skin, and won\’t strip your beard\’s natural oils.”